Saturday, 29 October 2011

Ryan O’Dowd on the Old Testament for Public Life

In Cardus, Ryan O’Dowd kicks off a promised series on ‘how and why we should read the Old Testament for public life today’. In ‘What is Old and What is New’, he looks at some uses and abuses of the Old Testament.

Here’s how he concludes:

The Bible, as Karl Barth rightly said, is not simply a book, but a living way to encounter God in Christ. And a text that puts us in the presence of the Creator and Redeemer of our world can only promise to provide fresh and relevant wisdom for our lives here.

‘Indeed, if the telos of Scripture is the triune God in Christ, then we should feed upon every part of it, as often as we can, with eyes and ears open to discover more of God, of his world, and of ourselves.’

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