Thursday, 20 October 2011

Conspectus 12 (September 2011)

The latest Conspectus, from South African Theological Seminary, is now out (available here as a pdf), containing an interesting mix of main essays:

Annang Asumang

Captured by Christ Jesus: Paul as Christ’s Trophy Slave in Philippians

Andrew Aucamp

Paradox and the Centrality of the Doctrine of God in Hermeneutics

Callie J.T. Joubert

Mindfulness and the Brain: a Christian Critique of Some Aspects of Neuroscience

Dan Lioy

Jesus’ Resurrection and the Nature of the Believer’s Resurrection Body (1 Cor 15:1-58)

Darrell O’Donoghue and Dan Lioy

Biblical-Theological Analysis of Matthew 6:19–34 to Clarify the Relationship between the Christian Disciple and Money

Mark Pretorius

The Creation and the Fall of Adam and Eve: Literal, Symbolic, or Myth?

Kevin G. Smith, Integrated Theology: A Key to Training Thinking Practitioners

Mervin van der Spuy

Cheating at Solitaire: the Danger of Self-Deception in Pastoral and Counselling Ministry

Noel B. Woodbridge

An Evaluation of Contemporary Challenges to Evangelical Orthodoxy Posed by Toon’s Four Basic Types of Theology: A Christian response

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