Thursday, 20 October 2011

Encounters 38 (September 2011) on the Place of Animals in the Purposes of God

The latest issue of Encounters from Redcliffe College is now available, this one based on Dr Rob Cook’s 2011 Redcliffe Lecture in World Christianity on ‘The Place of Animals in the Purposes of God’.

According to the Encounters email notification, it includes his perspectives on the questions:

• Where do animals feature in God’s cosmic mission?

• Is it God’s will that animals prey on one another and, if not, when and what went wrong?

• For God to be righteous, must there be a place in heaven for innocent, suffering animals?

• What responsibility do we have in being God’s co-workers amongst our fellow creatures?

This issue includes the full lecture transcript (as well as links to audio files) and rejoinders from several other scholars.

The pdf of the full issue is available here.

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