Friday, 7 October 2011

Called Into Work

I’ve had to do some study and reflection recently on ‘workplace ministry’, and came across Called Into Work – a website/ministry aimed at ‘equipping workplace-ready disciples’, largely (it seems) based on the work of Larry Peabody.

On one page, the website says:

‘Many Christians labor under an incomplete picture of why they work. You may have seen your office or shop as a place for witnessing. Or as a means of earning money you can give to Christian causes. But God’s purposes in placing you there run well beyond those areas. His reasons for calling you into your work include:

• Mirroring God

• Becoming Chist-like

• Supporting believers

• Embodying truth

• Doing earthwork

• Reaching forward

• Grasping vocation

There are links to mini articles on each of those dimensions of being a Christian in the workplace.

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