Sunday, 9 October 2011

Jewish Bible Quarterly 39:3 (2011)

According to its website, the Jewish Bible Quarterly ‘provides timely, authoritative studies on biblical themes’, and ‘as the only Jewish-sponsored English-language journal devoted exclusively to the Bible, it is an essential source of information for anyone working in Bible studies’.

I’ve certainly found quite a lot of useful material it it over the years: the articles are relatively short, they almost always offer close readings of (from my Christian perspective) ‘Old Testament’ texts, and sometimes provide insights I might not get from elsewhere.

Below is the content for the July-September 2011 issue, all available online here:

Akiva Wolff

A Closer Examination of Deuteronomy 20:19-20

Shimon Bakon

True and False Prophets

David S. Farkas

In Search of the Biblical Hannurabi

Shubert Spero

Ten Generations from Adam to Noah Versus Ten Generations from Noah to Abraham

Zvi Ron

The ‘Wise Courtier’ in Rabbinic Literature

Raymond Apple

The Two Wise Women of Proverbs Chapter 31

Moshe Reiss

Adam: Created in the Image and Likeness of God

Justin Heard

Did the Earth Rebel Against God on the Third Day of Creation?

Hayyim Angel

Cut the Baby in Half: Understanding Solomon’s Divinely-Inspired Wisdom

Michael Alan Stein

The Religion of the Israelites in Egypt

Book Review

Letters to the Editor

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