Saturday, 15 October 2011

Gospel Communities on Mission Conference 2011 – Breakout Sessions

Having earlier linked to the audio files of the main sessions from the 2011 Gospel Communities on Mission Conference, I thought I’d also note that the audio files from the breakout sessions are now available here.

Jeff Vanderstelt

Gospel Conversations on Mission

Steve Timmis

Gospel Counselling in Community

David Fairchild

Preaching the Gospel in Your Context

Paul Whaley and Mark Sellers

Doing Missional Communities in the South

Jonathan Dodson

Making Gospel Centered Disciples

Drew Goodmanson

Technology to Assist a Gospel Community and the Mission

Jeff Vanderstelt

The Gospel in Everyday Rhythms

Steve Timmis and David Fairchild

GCM: Why Everyone Has to Do It

David Fairchild and Drew Goodmanson

Tri-Perspectival Leadership Model and Practice

Jonathan Dodson

How to Plant and Multiply Gospel Communities

Jeff Vanderstelt

What it Takes to Start a ‘Healthy Expression’

Rowan Paterson


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