Sunday, 2 October 2011

Lausanne World Pulse (October 2011)

The themed articles in October 2011’s Lausanne World Pulse are devoted to ‘Cape Town 2010: One Year Following’.

Lindsay Brown

The Lausanne Movement: Celebrating God’s Faithfulness

Brown sums up what God did at Cape Town 2010 and how he continues to use the gathering to impact the Church globally. This includes three significant features: evangelistic missions, the Global Executive Leadership Forum, and the Cape Town Commitment.

Michael Cassidy

Cape Town 2010, One Year Following: A Report from Africa

Cassidy shares key outcomes of Lausanne III from an African perspective, touching upon topics such as global fellowship, methodology and strategy, the Cape Town Commitment, and partnership.

Anatoliy Glukhovskyy

Cape Town 2010: Eurasia One Year Following

Participants from Eurasia share at least five highlights from Cape Town 2010. These include: a broader view of the global Church, a deeper passion for world evangelism, a greater vision for local mission, a deeper appreciation for spiritual leaders, and a wider appreciation for younger leaders.

Morten Hørning Jensen

The Cape Town Commitment’s Relevancy: A Danish Perspective

The author shares three reasons the Cape Town Commitment will have a long-lasting impact: it has Christ at the center, it has the full Bible as its base, and it looks reality in the eyes.

Robyn Claydon

The Contribution of Women to Lausanne’s Ministry

Claydon shares why Lausanne III, more than the previous congresses, was a milestone for women in missions.

The Executive Summary is available here, and the full version here.

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