Wednesday 10 March 2021

Whole-Life Mission for the Whole Church

Mark Greene and Ian J. Shaw (eds.), Whole-Life Mission for the Whole Church: Overcoming the Sacred-Secular Divide through Theological Education, ICETE Series (Carlisle: Langham Global Library, 2021).

The above collection, to which I contributed three chapters, grew out of a joint project by Langham Partnership and the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity with theological educators around the world.

Mark Greene, one of the editors, introduces the concerns of the book in a short article here.

Here is the publisher’s description:

‘The sacred-secular divide permeates our churches, our seminaries, and our lives. By perpetuating the false belief that there are some areas of life that are not important to God, some callings that are second-class, and some spheres of society that are not worth engaging, the sacred-secular divide diminishes our understanding of God, discipleship, missiology, and the gospel itself.

‘Seeking to liberate the global church from the power of this dichotomy, Whole-Life Mission for the Whole Church provides theological educators with the tools they need to combat the sacred-secular divide in the very realm where it is so often generated: the classroom. Filled with contributions from practitioners around the world, this book contains a wealth of insight into both the nature of the problem and the possibilities for its solution. The approaches suggested here are biblically rooted, contextually appropriate, and experientially tested, offering an excellent resource for educators desiring to transform their institutional cultures, curriculums, and classrooms into environments that envision, empower, and liberate the whole church for its role in the mission of God.’

Further information is available from here.

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