Friday 12 March 2021

Theology in Scotland 28, 1 (2021) on Theology in a Time of Covid-19

The articles in this special issue of Theology in Scotland all originate from an online conference, ‘TheoCon: Theology in a Time of Crisis 2020’, organised by the University of Edinburgh. Individual articles are available as pdfs from here.

Joanna Leidenhag

Guest Editorial

David Fergusson

Theology in Lockdown

Rebekah Lamb

Christian Consolation and Theology’s Task Today

John L. Bell

Theology and the Arts: The Corona Crisis

Christopher Southgate

Singing and Dancing in the Cruellest Month: A Reflection on Theology and Poetry in a Time of Covid

Andrew Root

Time-famine, Resource Obsession and the Good Life in a Pandemic

Jonathan C.P. Birch

Review Essay: When the Dancing Turned to Mourning: Theological Responses to the Pandemic

George Newlands

Rev Prof G.W.D. Shaw OBE (1928-2020)


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