Wednesday 3 March 2021

Evangelical Alliance UK on the Missing Generation

The Evangelical Alliance UK has just released a report on the ‘missing generation’.

Some paragraphs from the Introduction set the scene:

‘They are known as the connected generation, the snowflake generation, the generation most talked about and talked to. Throughout coronavirus they have been criticised for their lack of social distancing and commended for their compassion and creativity. They are often at the forefront of the clamour for change in society and will be amongst the most affected by recent events.

‘Equipping the church to reach this generation of young adults and championing intergenerational unity is vitally important. We believe the whole church is stronger, healthier and richer when filled with all ages, and we tell a powerful story to the world when we model a united church of young, old and everyone in between.’

Further interviews and articles are available from here, and a pdf of the report is downloadable here.

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