Thursday 25 March 2021

Theos Report on University Chaplaincy during the COVID–19 Pandemic

A new report from Theos has been published, looking at the role and contribution of university chaplains and faith advisors who have been on the frontline of the pandemic:

Simon Perfect, Relationships, Presence and Hope: University Chaplaincy during the COVID-19 Pandemic (London: Theos, 2021).

Here are some paragraphs from the Theos website:

‘Throughout the pandemic, chaplains and faith advisors have been supporting the isolated, comforting the bereaved, and providing pastoral and spiritual care to anyone who needs it.

‘In universities, chaplains have faced a massive health crisis among students. In November 2020, a survey of 4,193 students conducted for the National Union of Students found that 52% said their mental health was worse than it was before the pandemic, but only 29% of those people had sought any help.

‘This report captures the experience of higher education chaplaincy during the pandemic, drawing on interviews with 16 chaplains from universities across the UK. It explores the unique contributions of chaplains during this time, the challenges they have faced, and what lessons can be learned by chaplains and employers.’

A pdf of the full report is available here, and an executive summary is available here.

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