Tuesday 31 October 2023

McMaster Journal of Theology and Ministry 23 (2021–22)

The latest McMaster Journal of Theology and Ministry is online, containing the below articles along with a goodly collection of book reviews.

Articles and reviews are available to download from here.

Stuart Blythe

Preaching as a Rhetorical Act: Practices and Possibilities with Reference to the Rev. Dr. John Gladstone (1921–2005)

Laura Reece Hogan


Vilma Blenman


David J. Fuller

Fault Lines in Evangelical Hermeneutics: Divergent Accounts of Patristic and Reformation-Era Interpretive Approaches in Recent Works by Carter and Provan

Earl R. Bunch Jr.

Will the Cosmos Be Destroyed and Re-created or Instead Renovated?

Stephen J. Bedard

Jesus, the Resurrection, and Disabilities in the Afterlife


Wednesday 25 October 2023

Questions Christians Ask

Every month, The Good Book Company make available digital versions of one of their books at no charge. This month (October 2023) it’s one of the books from ‘The Questions Christians Ask Series’, which is available in exchange for an email address here.

Monday 2 October 2023

Keith R. Fox on Integrity in Scientific Research

Cambridge Papers are published once a quarter and address a wide range of topics, offering ‘Christian reflection on contemporary issues’.

The latest paper is available online here (from where a pdf can be downloaded here):

Keith R. Fox, ‘Integrity in Scientific Research: A Christian Perspective’, Cambridge Papers 32, 3 (September 2023).

Here is the summary:

‘Misconduct and a lack of personal integrity is increasingly detected within scientific research, as it is in many other areas of public life. Examples include fraud, data manipulation, bias, conflicts of interest and plagiarism. This can lead to public mistrust of science, as well as being a waste of resources. This paper considers some of the causes of the problem and describes how scientists should follow principles of honesty, humility and truth-seeking, values that are integral to Christian ethics. These principles apply not just to scientific research but to all aspects of human endeavour and our approach to research should be the same as the principles that govern every aspect of Christian behaviour.’