Friday 8 June 2012

Crucible 4, 1 (April 2012)

The latest issue of Crucible, a free online journal published by the Australian Evangelical Alliance is now out, containing the following articles:
The Cauldron: peer reviewed articles
Graham and Eleonora Scott
Heart-Language Worship in Multilingual Contexts
Karl Hand
The ‘Christian’ Assumptions of Secular Hermeneutics
Michelle Trebilcock
Living with Jesus in Liminality: An Invitation to ‘Be Dead with the Dead God’
The Test-tube: ministry resources
Tom Frame
Launch of the John W. Wilson Publishing Fund
May Ngo
Responding to Simone Weil
Douglas Hynd
Safety, Fear and the Church: The Ambiguities of Engaging a Corporate Culture
Darren Cronshaw
Interviews and Other Practical Research Approaches for Theology
The Filter: book reviews

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