Thursday 7 June 2012

Calvin and World Mission

The World Evangelical Alliance makes available a copy of this book from this page (pdf here), a collection of essays in German and English on the role of Calvin in theological reflection on mission.
The description gives some idea of the scope of the collection:
‘At the end of the “Calvin-Year”, in which Christians all over the world celebrate Calvin’s 500 birthday, this books emphasizes Calvin’s role for establishing a Protestant mission theology which later led to a worldwide expansion of Protestant Christianity. The book presents major articles on the topic through 125 years of history and from different viewpoints from 1882 to 2002. Some of the articles discuss Calvin and his writings and thinking on mission alone. Some add the question, what kind of mission has been organized from Geneva during Calvin’s time, because Calvin did not only speak about evangelism and mission, but also helped establish it in reality, even though on a quite small scale compared to later centuries. Some articles go further, and follow the students and followers of Calvin and their relation to mission through history. Thus sometimes the wider topic of “Calvinism and Mission” is included. This book has not been edited to defend ‘Calvinism’ and its dogmatic system. This has even from Calvinism’s own firm position to be done on exegetical grounds. Nevertheless some of the authors wrote their articles as a defense of Calvinism or at least as very convinced Calvinists. Others write more from a neutral point of view as historical researchers.’

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