Friday 8 June 2012

Andy Draycott and Jonathan Rowe (and Others) on Missional Ethics

Here’s a new collection of essays from IVP. I was honoured to be asked to provide a commendation for the volume, and this is what I wrote:
‘Here, at last, is a genuine step forward for the “missional” conversation. Exploring the integral link between morality and mission, this theologically informed set of essays provides a rich resource on the centrality of ethics as encompassing the whole life of the people of God – called to live in a distinctive way as witnesses to the redemptive activity of God in the world. Concerned for the transformation of existing thinking and practices, the authors issue a strong reminder that mission occurs wherever God is at work through his people – in families and friendships, in the challenges that come with handling money as well as migration, in politics as much as in preaching.’

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