Wednesday 23 September 2009

The Bible in Transmission (Summer 2009): Contemplation

I’ve referred in an earlier post to this excellent publication from the Bible Society.

The latest issue is devoted to ‘Contemplation’, and contains the following articles:

Tony Graham

Melvyn Matthews
Is Mysticism Merely Medieval?

David Spriggs
Aspects of Christian Contemplation

Malcolm Glaze
Light Into Fire: Verifying the Experience

Thomas Keating
The Classical Monastic Practice of Lectio Divina

Tess Ward
Contemplation and the Rhythm of Life: Drawing on the Spirituality of the Celtic Tradition

Richard Rohr
Contemplation and Compassion: The Second Gaze

Tessa Holland
Contemplative Fire: Creating a Community of Christ at the Edge

James Catford
News from Bible Society

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