Sunday 6 September 2009


The T.F. Torrance Fellowship has released the first issue of a new journal – Participatio: The Journal of the Thomas F. Torrance Theological Fellowship – whose purpose is ‘to apprehend the significance of Torrance’s work and to advance the evangelical and scientific theology he articulated for the benefit of the Church, academy, and society’.

The first volume, available here as a pdf, is devoted to ‘The Theological Significance and Legacy of Thomas F. Torrance’ (with personal narrative accounts and theological reflections by living relatives, colleagues, students, and friends of Tom’s impact upon them in their personal encounters with him and their estimation of his legacy for the future of an evangelical and scientific theology).

It contains eulogies by Alasdair Heron and George Hunsinger, recollections and reflections by Geoffrey W. Bromiley, Elmer M. Colyer, Jock Stein, Howard Taylor, David Torrance, Kenneth Walker, and Robert T. Walker, along with the following three essays:

Ray S. Anderson
The Practical Theology of Thomas F. Torrance

Alister E. McGrath
Thomas F. Torrance and the Search for a Viable Natural Theology: Some Personal Reflections

Paul D. Molnar
The Centrality of the Trinity in the Theology of Thomas F. Torrance

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