Friday 4 September 2009

Mary Midgley on Charles Darwin

As part of their ‘Rescuing Darwin’ project, exploring ‘the extent and nature of evolutionary and non-evolutionary beliefs in the UK today and their perceived relationship with theism and atheism’, Theos, the public theology think tank, have published another booklet, this one being an extended interview with Mary Midgley, available for purchase in hard copy, and also online as a pdf.

Discussing Darwin: An Extended Interview with Mary Midgley (London: Theos, 2009).

It contains four main chapters:

• Chapter 1 – Contextualising Darwin
• Chapter 2 – Science and Darwin
• Chapter 3 – On Mammals and Morality
• Chapter 4 – Christianity and Darwin

Midgley discusses Darwin’s theory of evolution as it was received in its own time, as well as some of the issues surrounding it today.

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