Monday 11 May 2009

The Bible in Transmission (Spring 2009): Darwin and his Legacy

Bible Society make a print version of this excellent publication freely available to subscribers as well as placing the articles online as pdfs and word documents. It’s the best free publication I receive through the post, and better than some I’ve paid money to subscribe to. Each edition is devoted to a particular theme and includes short essays, mostly written by experts in their field.

The latest edition (Spring 2009) is devoted to ‘Darwin and his Legacy’, and contains the following articles:

Michael Pfunder

Nick Spencer
Charles Darwin: From Faith to Agnosticism

Michael J. Reiss
Should We Teach Creationism and Intelligent Design Theory in Schools?

Denis Alexander
Christians Misunderstanding Evolution

Ernest Lucas
Interpreting Genesis 1-3 in the Twenty-First Century

John Hedley Brooke
Christian Responses to Darwin: Some Necessary Distinctions

Mary Midgley
Sorting Out Pseudodarwinisms

James Catford
News from Bible Society

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