Monday 30 September 2013

John Piper et al. on Sanctification

Desiring God are very kindly making the above edited collection of essays freely available as a pdf here. Table of Contents is as follows:

David Mathis
Introduction: The Search for Sanctification’s Holy Grail

John Piper
Prelude to Acting the Miracle: Putting Sanctification in Its Place

Kevin DeYoung
Incentives for Acting the Miracle: Fear, Rewards, and the Multiplicity of Biblical Motivations

Ed Welch
Sinners Learning to Act the Miracle: Restoring Broken People and the Limits of Life in the Body

Jarvis Williams
Acting the Miracle in the Everyday: Word of God, the Means of Grace, and the Practical Pursuit of Gospel Maturity

Russell Moore
Acting the Miracle Together: Corporate Dynamics in Christian Sanctification

John Piper
Conclusion: Act the Miracle: Future Grace, the Word of the Cross, and the Purifying Power of God’s Promises

Appendix: Conversation with the Contributors

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