Sunday 29 September 2013

International Bulletin of Missionary Research 37:4 (October 2013)

The latest issue of International Bulletin of Missionary Research carries the feature articles noted below under the broad theme of ‘Surprises, Sagacity, and Service’:

Robert J. Priest and Robert DeGeorge
Doctoral Dissertations on Mission: Ten-Year Update, 2002–2011

Jan A.B. Jongeneel
Hendrik Kraemer’s Christian Message in a Non-Christian World: A Magnum Opus after Seventy-Five Years

Colin Reed
Denominationalism or Protestantism? Mission Strategy and Church in the Kikuyu Conference of 1913

Allan L. Effa
Releasing the Trigger: The Nigerian Factor in Global Christianity

Dagmar Konrad
Lost in Transition: Missionary Children of the Basel Mission in the Nineteenth Century

John C.B. Webster
My Pilgrimage in Mission

Paul B. Steffen
The Legacy of Theodor Grentrup

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