Wednesday 17 February 2010

Tom Wright on Virtue

Tom Wright, Virtue Reborn (London: SPCK, 2010), xiii + 258pp., ISBN 9780281061440.

I have today picked up a copy of Tom Wright’s latest book, this one essentially on virtue ethics. It’s billed as the third in a trilogy along with Simply Christian and Surprised by Hope, though it’s not immediately apparent whether that was intentional. It would be easier to see it as a kind of sequel to Surprised by Hope, this one dealing with (as he puts it in the Preface) ‘the final goal for which we have been made and redeemed’.

Although I’m certain to have quibbles here and there, I have been looking forward to seeing this one ever since I read a few weeks back an interview with Tom Wright (about the book) by Trevin Wax, available here.

All strength to his prolific output.

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