Saturday 27 February 2010

Lutheran Society for Missiology

I just stumbled (as one does) across the Lutheran Society for Missiology – ‘your first stop for Lutheran mission research’ – which (according to the website):

• provides a forum for missiological research and critical reflection from a Lutheran perspective
• publishes books and articles, especially case studies, which treat issues related to the study and practice of mission work
• serves as a portal for accessing information from other Lutheran, and also evangelical, mission societies
• promotes cutting-edge approaches to mission efforts through publications, recognition and awards

The society also publishes a journal – Missio Apostolica – with a significant number of essays available online, some of which have caught my eye – David Bosch on being a disciple, Robert Kolb on the five great commissions, David Scaer on Matthew as a catechism, and more besides.

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