Friday 12 February 2010

N.T. Wright on God and Government

The latest newsletter from Theos has come through. It reports that Tom Wright, the Bishop of Durham, delivered a lecture in parliament on Wednesday 10 February 2010, as part of the ‘God and Government’ project, sponsored by Theos and the Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics.

The full text of the lecture is kindly made available here, with a response by Jonathan Chaplin (Director, KLICE) here.

Here is part of Wright’s conclusion to whet the appetite:

‘The call to allow God back into the heart of government does not mean... that our politicians should imagine that a hot line to God will give them “correct” answers on the urgent problems they face. It does mean that, whether the politicians are believers or not, the Christian church has a vocation to create a climate of opinion in which the cry of the poor can be heard more easily, the summons to peace will sound more sweetly than the trumpet of war, and the challenge to faithful marriage will be recognised as the way to personal and social maturity and stability. No doubt all things need nuancing. No doubt there are many hard cases and surprising twists and turns of ethical and political argument. But what we must aim for, and not be distracted from by clever but specious arguments, is the continuing place in our society, all the way up to government itself, for the liberating, re-humanising, healing news that Jesus is the world’s true Lord; that he has broken the power and tyranny of evil; and now delegates to his followers the task of living out that victory in the face of chaos and tyranny.’

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