Monday, 9 November 2020

Credo 10, 3 (2020) on the Nicene Creed

The current issue of Credo is available, this one devoted to the topic of ‘The Nicene Creed’.

Here’s the blurb:

‘The doctrine of the Trinity is foundational to Christianity. Without it, we have no Christianity at all. For that reason, the church fathers of the fourth century labored to protect the church from those in their midst who undermined the equality of the Son and Spirit with the Father. With great scriptural care, they affirmed the Son’s eternal generation and the Spirit’s eternal spiration not only to distinguish the persons of the Trinity but to safeguard their consubstantiality and divine simplicity. Unfortunately, many have never read the Nicene Creed let alone considered its importance for the preservation of biblical orthodoxy today. This issue of Credo Magazine introduces readers to the Nicene Creed to ensure the next generation is equipped to confess the faith once for all delivered to the saints.’

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