Wednesday 18 March 2020

Knowing and Doing (Spring 2020)

The Spring 2020 edition of Knowing & Doing – ‘A Teaching Quarterly for Discipleship of Heart and Mind’ – from the C.S. Lewis Institute is now available online (from here), and contains the following articles:

Joel Woodruff
President’s Letter: The Older Testament is Good News Too
In his President’s Letter, Joel Woodruff makes the case for the regular reading, teaching, and preaching from what is commonly referred to as the ‘Old Testament’ – Jesus’s Bible which was quoted and read by Jesus and His disciples as God’s authoritative Word.

Bill Kynes
How to Read the Bible, Part 4: How is the Bible Useful?
In this last of his series of four articles written to help people read God’s Word with profit, Bill Kynes considers the questions: What can we expect the Bible to do for us? What is it for? He explains that the end or goal of the wisdom the Bible gives us is our ‘salvation’, and offers practical advice for how to read the Bible with this in mind

Chris Morris
The Importance of Childlike Faith in the Workplace
According to Chris Morris, childlike faith is relevant not only to mature believers in their walk with the Lord, but also in the workplace, especially in terms of how we lead, interact with others, and make decisions. In this article, he explains that exhibiting the attributes of a childlike faith can not only lead to effectiveness in the workplace, but also serve as an effective witness to our faith.

William Fullilove
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Career Choices
According to William Fullilove, one of the joys of the past twenty years has been seeing a renewed emphasis on the doctrine of vocation in many Protestant churches – the understanding that God is pleased when each man and woman pursues his or her calling, whether that is to religious or ‘secular’ work. He argues, however, that this has led to some unintended consequences. In this article, Fullilove considers Joseph’s story in Genesis 37-50, which he argues is a useful corrective.

Lynne Marie Kohm
Sexuality as an Apologetic
Lynne Kohm asks, ‘How does your sexuality affect your witness as a Christian?’ In this article, she argues that living and communicating a genuinely biblical view of sexuality is a most powerful apologetic today.

Thomas A. Tarrants, III
The Transformation of our Heart’s Desires
In this article, Tom Tarrants considers the question, ‘How do we navigate around the seductions of this fallen world and faithfully follow Jesus in daily life?’ He argues that the key is in and with our heart’s desires.

Mary Amendolia Gardner
Five Ways to Start Gospel Conversations
Mary Gardner observes that as Jesus’s disciples, we are commanded at the end of Matthew 28 to ‘go therefore and make disciples of all nations.’ In this article, Gardner identifies five practical things that, building on a foundation of prayer, will help cultivate gospel conversations.

John Milton (1608-1674)
Poem: Sonnet 19 – When I consider how my light is spent
C.S. Lewis loved poetry and wished he could be remembered most for his poems. They grab us in different ways than stories or prose. In each issue we feature a poem. We have selected one from John Milton.

W.E. Sangster (1900-1959)
Sermon: What if Calamity Comes?
An inspiring classic sermon from the pulpit of William E. Sangster that we hope will be a blessing to you.

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