Thursday 30 March 2017

Leaven 24, 4 (2016) on the Joseph Story

I’ve always found the journal Leaven worth checking out. It’s published quarterly by the Religion Division at Pepperdine University, and ‘exists to help fellow Christians think together about the challenges of ministry’.

The current issue is devoted to the story of Joseph in Genesis 37-50, and contains the following articles (available from here):

Andy Walker
The Role of Genesis 37:1-11 in the Joseph Novella

John T. Willis
The Biblical Testimony of Joseph: the Immanuel Perspective

Danny Mathews
“God Has Made Me Ruler over Egypt”: Joseph and Moses as Royalty

Kilnam Cha
Joseph’s Unjust Economic Policies in Genesis 47:13-26

Stuart Love
What About Judah?

Mark Mangano 
Judah’s Redemption

Rodney Ashlock
A Good Leader is Hard to Find

Mindi Thompson
Patriarchs, Prostitutes, and Potiphar’s Wife: A Study of Genesis 38-39

Glenn Pemberton
The Joseph Novella: Resources for Preaching and Teaching

Sarah Dannemiller
Joseph’s Dream

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