Sunday 5 March 2017

Knowing and Doing (Spring 2017)

The Spring 2017 edition of Knowing & Doing – ‘A Teaching Quarterly for Discipleship of Heart and Mind’ – from the C.S. Lewis Institute is now available online (here as a pdf), and contains the following articles:

Joel Woodruff
President’s Letter – Looking for Adventure?
Joel S. Woodruff, President of the C.S. Lewis Institute, encourages believers to a life of adventure. What great adventure can be found by those who commit to Jesus’ great commission and answer his adventurous call to discipleship?

George Marsden
A Biography of Mere Christianity
C.S. Lewis’s book Mere Christianity has a claim to being one of the most important religious works of the twentieth century. In this article, George Marsden discusses the origins of the book and its reception, as well as the factors that give the book its ongoing vitality.

Tom Schwanda
The Emergence of Evangelical Discipleship: Learning to Walk with Jesus
In this article, Tom Schwanda discusses how the early evangelicals of the eighteenth century sought to walk with Jesus, and what we can learn from them in following Jesus as his disciples today.

Bill Kynes
Growing in Prayer Part 2: Learning to Pray to Your Father
Jesus’ disciples asked, “Lord, teach us to pray.” In this article, Bill Kynes addresses what Jesus taught in response to that request.

Joe Kohm, Jr.
The Wisdom of Jane Eyre
This article considers the lessons we can learn about how to live today from reading Charlotte Brontë’s mid-nineteenth century novel Jane Eyre.

Kevin J. Vanhoozer
Does a Red-Faced God Sing the Blues? Emotions, Divine Suffering, and Biblical Interpretation
Kevin Vanhoozer explores how we should understand, in a clear and biblical way, divine emotional attributes as part of our overall understanding of God.

Randy Newman
First Steps to Loving and Understanding Our Jewish Neighbors
In this excerpt from his book Engaging with Jewish People: Understanding Their World, Sharing Good News, Randy Newman considers the question: Who are the Jewish people?

Thomas A. Tarrants III
The Priority of Prayer
From the time of the apostles and throughout church history, the kingdom of God has moved forward through prayer. This article discusses the need to rediscover the power of prayer, and the path for doing so.

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