Wednesday 29 April 2015

Southern Baptist Journal of Theology 18, 4 (2014)

The latest issue of the Southern Baptist Journal of Theology has been posted online. It carries the below main articles on the resurrection, and is available as a pdf here.

Stephen J. Wellum
Editorial: Reflections on the Glorious Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ

Mitchell L. Chase
“From Dust You Shall Arise:” Resurrection Hope in the Old Testament

Raymond Johnson
Matthew 27:51-54 Revisited: A Narratological Re-Appropriation

Lee Tankersley
Raised for Our Justification: The Resurrection and Penal Substitution

A.B. Caneday
God’s Incarnate Son as the Embodiment of Last Day Resurrection: Eternal Life as Justification in John’s Gospel

David Schrock
Resurrection and Priesthood: Christological Soundings from the Book of Hebrews

Ted Cabal
Defending the Resurrection of Jesus: Yesterday, Today and Forever

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