Wednesday 1 April 2015

Some More from KLICE on the General Election 2015

The Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics has posted a further two pieces in a special series of eight extended Ethics in Brief essays on the main British political parties:

Wales was once known as the ‘land of revival’ but now Wales is as secular as any other country in Western Europe. Many people today, including many Welsh people, know nothing of the role Christian leaders and thinkers had in the shaping and forming of modern Wales. The history of Welsh nationalism and, specifically, the role of Christianity in it, is a hidden mystery to the world as the vast majority of source material is only available in the Welsh language. This article offers a brief overview of the historical link between Welsh identity and Christianity up until the present day, with the aim of explaining the Christian roots and values of Plaid Cymru.

Christian churches and the Green Party call for countercultural action in order to bring into reality a vision of a world characterised by peace, justice and environmental sustainability. But do their underlying beliefs have enough in common for members to work together? This paper reflects on the origins and philosophy of the Green Party, draw parallels with Christian belief and practice, and consider whether environmental threats such as climate change might bring Greens and Christians closer together.

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