Thursday 19 June 2014

The Bible in Mission

Pauline Hoggarth, Fergus Macdonald, Bill Mitchell and Knud Jørgensen (eds.), Bible in Mission, Regnum Edinburgh Centenary Series (Oxford: Regnum Books International, 2013).

The team at Scripture Engagement make notice of the free availability of the above collection of essays as a pdf here. This is well worth checking out by all those interested in the nexus of relationships between Scripture, hermeneutics, mission, and the global church.

Like others in the ‘Regnum Edinburgh Centenary Series’, the volume flowed out of the discussions at the Edinburgh 2010 conference. I bought it when it came out; it felt, at the time, like an expensive but important purchase. Hopefully the free availability of the book online will give it a much wider readership.

Here’s an outline of the contents:


Editorial Introduction: The Bible in Mission

The Bible in Mission – and the Surprising Ways of God (Ole Christian Kvarme)

The Bible as Text for Mission (Tim Carriker)

Section 1: The Bible in Mission in the World and in the Church

The World

The Bible in Mission: The Modern/Postmodern Western Context (Richard Bauckham)

The Bible in Mission in the Islamic Context (Kenneth Thomas)

The Bible in Christian Mission among the Hindus (Lalsangkima Pachuau)

Children, Mission and the Bible: A Global Perspective (Wendy Strachan)

The Church

The Bible in Mission: Evangelical/Pentecostal View (Antonia Leonora van der Meer)

Bible Hermeneutics in Mission – A Western Protestant Perspective (Michael Kisskalt)

Orthodox Perspectives on Bible and Mission (Simon Crisp)

‘Ignorantia Scripturae ignorantia Christi est’ (Thomas P. Osborne)

Section 2: Case Studies


Baku Bible Translation and Oral Biblical Narrative Performance (Dan Fitzgerald)

The UBS HIV Good Samaritan Program (David Hammond and Immanuel Kofi Agamah)

The Bible and the Poor (Gerald West)

The Bible and Care of Creation (Allison Howell)


‘Text of Life’ and ‘Text for Life’: The Bible as the Living and Life-Giving Word of God for the Dalits (Peniel J. Rufus Rajkumar)

Bible Missions in China (Pamela Wan-Yen Choo)

The Impact and Role of The Bible in Big Flowery Miao Community (Suee Yan Yu)

Bible Engagement among Australian Young People (Philip Hughes)

Latin America

The Bible and Children in Mission (Edseio Sanchez Cetina)

Bible Translation, the Quechua People and Protestant Church Growth in the Andes (Bill Mitchell)

The Bible in Mission: Women Facing the Word (Elsa Tamez)


Biblical Advocacy – Advocating the Bible in an Alien Culture (David Spriggs and Sue Coyne)

Scripture Engagement and Living Life as a Message (Steve Bird)

Reading the Bible with Today’s Jephthahs: Scripture and Mission at Tierra Nueva (Bob Ekblad)

Lessons Learned from the REVEAL Spiritual Life Survey (Nancy Scammacca Lewis)

Glazed Eyes and Disbelief (Adrian Blenkinsop and Naomi Swindon)

Information Management and Delivery of the Bible (Paul Soukup)


The Bible as the Core of Mission: ‘...for the Bible tells me so’ (Knud Jørgensen)

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