Friday 20 June 2014

Catalyst Articles (June 2014)

Catalyst, the ‘online newsletter for United Methodist seminarians, pastors, and other Christian leaders’, has posted some new articles online:

Providing free food, clothing, and shelter is an emergency response to a crisis situation. The Red Cross does that well. But the poor we see in our food lines and clothes closets are there because of chronic poverty situations. The right response to chronic poverty is development.

Each new technological ‘revolution’ tempts us to think and act as if machines are suitable analogs to, and thus appropriate substitutes for, human persons.

The movement of disorder in The United Methodist Church has escalated to the point that serious discussions are taking place around the possibility that the denomination itself will fragment, split, or dissolve.

Wesley claimed to be ‘a man of one book’. How did that work itself out in his practices?

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