Friday 18 April 2014

John Dickson on Top 10 Tips for Atheists

This is an enjoyable piece by John Dickson on the top 10 tips for atheists this Easter.

Here’s the run down:

Tip #1. Dip into Christianity’s intellectual tradition
Tip #2. Notice how believers use the word ‘faith’
Tip #3. Appreciate the status of 6-Day Creationism
Tip #4. Repeat after me: no theologian claims a god-of-the-gaps
Tip #5. “Atheists just go one god more” is a joke, not an argument
Tip #6. Claims that Christianity is social ‘poison’ backfire
Tip #7. Concede that Jesus lived, then argue about the details
Tip #8. Persuasion involves three factors
Tip #9. Ask us about Old Testament violence
Tip #10. Press us on hell and judgment

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