Saturday 7 December 2013

Knowing and Doing (Winter 2013)

The Winter 2013 edition of Knowing & Doing – ‘A Teaching Quarterly for Discipleship of Heart and Mind’ – from the C.S. Lewis Institute is now available online (here as a pdf), and contains the following articles:

Joel S. Woodruff
Celebrating the Fiftieth Anniversary of Clive Staples Lewis’s Entrance into Heaven
The C.S. Lewis Institute believes that Lewis’s greatest work was that of committing his life to serving Jesus Christ in a manner that encouraged others to explore the truth and joy of faith in Christ.

Joel S. Woodruff
C.S. Lewis the Truth-Seeker: How God Formed a Great Christian Apologist
Joel Woodruff’s article describes Lewis’s journey and points to him as a wonderful example of what it means to live as an authentic disciple of Jesus.

Mark Carter
Desert Discipleship
Mark Carter, an Annapolis Fellow alumnus, is leading groups of soldiers stationed at Djibouti through the Heart and Mind Discipleship program, uniting Protestants and Catholics in their pursuit of God.

Thomas A. Tarrants, III
What God Wants from You
Have you ever wondered what God wants from you? Tom Tarrants challenges each of us to seek that answer and then to live our lives based on God’s call to each of us.

Steve and Allison King
From Russia with Blessing
Steve and Allison, DC alumni Fellows, describe their emotional journey as God led them to adopt two young boys from Russia and how, along the way, they were captivated by the boys’ love and learned even deeper lessons about God’s love for each of us.

David B. Calhoun
“Amazing Grace”: John Newton and his Great Hymn
In this profile of John Newton, David Calhoun reminds us how God took a wretched man and transformed him into a vessel that produced perhaps the most beloved hymn ever written.

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