Monday 11 November 2013

Paul F. Goetting on the Vocation of All Believers

I was asked to write six brief book notes for the November 2013 edition of EG, published by LICC. I’ll post them individually here over the next week or so.

Paul F. Goetting, Members are Ministers: The Vocation of All Believers (Eugene: Cascade Books, 2012).

‘The people in the pew, pouring out of the church into their various vocations following public worship, should be seen as the front line of the church’s ministry and mission. Below them, lifting up and supporting them, there are the bishops and pastors and leaders of the congregation’. Such is the vision of this former Lutheran pastor, drawing on years of ministry and teaching. Combining theological insight, historical reflection and practical wisdom, this is a compelling case for ‘the vocation of all believers’.

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