Saturday 2 March 2013

Knowing and Doing (Spring 2013)

The latest edition of Knowing & Doing – ‘A Teaching Quarterly for Discipleship of Heart and Mind’ – from the C.S. Lewis Institute has just become available online (here as a pdf), and contains the following articles:

Brenda Solomon with Kristie Jackson
The Ministry of Discipling Friendships: How God Uses Christ-Centered Friendships to Sustain Us in Trials and Help Redeem Our Suffering
A touching illustration of how God works through every part of our lives, even our sorrows and disappointments.

Gerard Long
Evangelization: Sharing the Good News with Delight
Think you don’t have to share the gospel if you don't have the gift of Evangelism?  This article will change that perception.

Thomas A. Tarrants, III
Hindrances to Discipleship: Freedom from the Flesh
Part Two of last issue’s treatment of “the flesh”, and the conclusion to the compelling mini series on the Hindrances to Discipleship. 

Wiliam L. Kynes
Dying to the Flesh
One of the greatest hindrances to discipleship is what the Bible calls “the flesh.” Learn how to overcome the flesh in this thoughtful article.

David B. Calhoun
William Tyndale: “Apostle of England”
Inspiring life story of William Tyndale – the man responsible for our English Bible.

Jana Harmon
A Grief Observed
C.S. Lewis-Atlanta Teaching Fellow and apologist, Jana Harmon, shares some insights on this great classic work of Lewis.

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