Saturday 30 March 2013

International Bulletin of Missionary Research 37:2 (April 2013)

The latest issue of International Bulletin of Missionary Research carries the feature articles noted below.

Lamin Sanneh
The Last Great Frontier: Currents in Resurgence, Convergence, and Divergence of Religion

Valentin Kozhuharov
Christian Mission in Eastern Europe

Philip L. Wickeri
Bishop K. H. Ting, 1915–2012

Rick Richardson
Emerging Adults and the Future of Missions

Darren Duerksen
Ecclesial Identities of Socioreligious ‘Insiders’: A Case Study of Fellowships among Hindu and Sikh Communities

Colin Godwin
The Recent Growth of Pentecostalism in Belgium

Stephen B. Bevans and Roger P. Schroeder
Evangelization and the Tenor of Vatican II: A Review Essay

Steve Sang-Cheol Moon
Missions from Korea 2013: Microtrends and Finance

David A. Shank
My Pilgrimage in Mission

Rebecca C. Hughes
The Legacy of Mabel Shaw

Indunil J. Kodithuwakku K.
‘Christian Witness in a Multi-Religious World: Recommendations for Conduct’: Thinking Back and Looking Ahead

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