Sunday 4 November 2012

Catalyst 4 (Autumn 2012)

Catalyst is a twice-yearly magazine, published by CARE, highlighting ministries ‘making a Christian difference’ as well as giving the latest CARE news.

According to the CARE website, highlights in this issue include ‘a fascinating profile of Chief Superintendent John Sutherland of the Metropolitan Police and Gareth Davies’ interview with Matt Summerfield, Chief Executive of Urban Saints, about his work with young people. Catalyst also features an interview with the speaker, writer and apologist, Amy Orr-Ewing on Christianity in the public square and a moving piece by CARE Consultant Philippa Taylor on the impact of family breakdown on children.’ In addition, ‘CARE’s Chief Executive Nola Leach talks to Lord McColl of Dulwich about his life as surgeon, as a politician and his campaign against human trafficking’.

The issue is available for browsing here, or downloadable as a pdf here.

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