Friday, 20 July 2012

The Bible in Transmission (Spring 2012) on Sporting Life

The latest issue of the excellent publication, The Bible in Transmission, from Bible Society, is now available (pdf here), offering a collection of articles on ‘Sporting Life: Reflections on Sport, Culture and the Church’.
Matthew van Duyvenbode
Dominic Erdozain
‘I will not cease from mental fight’?: Sport and the Protestant Work Ethic
Sport is a serious business and is strongly influenced by secularised versions of the Protestant work ethic. To a large extent sport has lost its sense of enjoyment, its playfulness. A Christian approach to sport should relativise its importance, without trivalising it: the game is just a game.
David Oakley
Common Ground?: Sport and the Church
David Oakley highlights the central place of sport in the world. He presents sociological arguments as to why Christians should critically embrace the appeal of sport and argues that churches have real possibilities through sport to rediscover their role within the community.
Synthia Sydnor
Sport, Women and the Mystical Body of Christ
An overview of conventional critiques surrounding ‘women and sport’ shows that most call for cultural changes to achieve gender equity. A Christian vision of sport begins with the premise that man and woman have unique masculine or feminine characters, endowed by God.
Nick Watson
Sport, Disability and the Olympics
An exploration of the status and prophetic role of the Special Olympic Movement in light of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
Andrew Parker and J. Stuart Weir
Sport, Spirituality and Religion: Muscular Christianity in the Modern Age
An overview of the key features of the ways in which the relationship between sport and religion has developed during and since the nineteenth century. In Victorian Britain, long-standing religious values began to permeate and underpin sporting endeavour but these have subsequently been modified in various ways.
Chris Rose
The Street Child World Cup: From Durban to Rio
The story of the inaugral Street Child World Cup in Durban South Africa, a tournament that proved to be a great success and helped changed perceptions and practices in several countries. Planning is well under way for the next tournament, which will be hosted by Brazil in 2014.
James Catford
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