Tuesday 31 July 2012

Encounters 41 (July 2012) on Sport and Mission

The latest issue of Encounters from Redcliffe College is now available, this one focusing on sport.
According to the introductory blurb on the website:
‘If the literature on the theology of sport is limited, missiological reflection on this ubiquitous human activity fares little better. We hope that this issue will provide a way in to some of the literature that does exist and prompt further discussion and writing. Even more importantly, we hope that many will be motivated to engage in the practice of “sports mission”. In one of the articles we receive a profound challenge: “For the church to have no designated strategy for reaching this huge people group is at best ignorance and at worst folly”. We hope that this edition of Encounters provides encouraging evidence that such a strategy is developing and prompt further efforts to demonstrate the Lordship of Christ in the world of sport.’
Individual articles are available from here, or the pdf of the full issue is available here.

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