Tuesday 24 January 2012

Whole Life, Whole Bible

Those who know me personally will know I’m not terribly good with self-promotion; but it would probably be somewhat perverse not to mention to readers of this blog that I have recently published a book – Whole Life, Whole Bible – written with two colleagues from the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity, Margaret Killingray and Helen Parry, and published by Bible Reading Fellowship.

More information is available on the BRF website, here.

Here is the blurb I wrote for the back cover:

Where we spend most of our time – at home, at work, in the neighbourhood – matters to God and to his mission in and for the world. Far from restricting our faith to the ‘personal’ sphere, disengaged from everyday living, Scripture encourages us to take the Lord of life into the whole of life.

Whole Life, Whole Bible is written from the conviction that God’s word illuminates every part of existence, enabling us to see differently and live differently – from Monday to Sunday, in public as well as in private. A walk through the unfolding story of the Bible in 50 readings and reflections shows how our lives are bound up with, and shaped by, God’s plan to restore a broken universe. That big story forms our minds, fuels our imaginations and fashions our daily life as we live in God’s world, in the light of God’s word, wherever we are.

The following three people were kind enough to read it and write a commendation for it:

‘Packs a powerful theological punch and will stretch and inspire your faith. A must for every whole-life disciple and disciple maker!’

Rachel Gardner, Director, Romance Academy

‘People can get lost in the Bible’s structure – here are some exciting clues for joined-up Bible reading.’

Greg Haslam, Pastor, Westminster Chapel, London

‘Provides wonderful insights into the overarching story of the Bible and helps us consider how to live on the foundation of God’s word.’

Mark Meynell, Senior Associate Minister, All Souls, Langham Place, London

Available in Christian bookshops, online, and via LICC here.

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