Tuesday 31 January 2012

American Theological Inquiry 5, 1 (2012)

The latest issue of American Theological Inquiry is now online here, with the following contents:

Patristical Reading

Clement of Alexandria

The Stromata, II.4


William Lane Craig

Pantheists in Spite of Themselves? Pannenberg, Clayton, and Shults on Divine Infinity

Joseph Prud’homme & James Schelberg

Disposition, Potentiality, and Beauty in the Theology of Jonathan Edwards: A Defense of His Great Christian Doctrine of Original Sin

Theodore Zachariades

Διπλῆν ἐπαγγελίαν in Athanasius’s Christology: A Methodology to Counter Kenotic Notions of the Incarnation

C. Shawn Stahlman

A Tradition of Reductionism as a Matter of Fact: Alasdair Macintyre and Sam Harris

J. Lyle Story

Facets of Faith/Trust in Pauline Thought

Book Reviews

The Ecumenical Creeds of Christianity

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