Saturday 2 July 2011

Journal of Theological Interpretation 5, 1 (Spring 2011)

The latest issue of the Journal of Theological Interpretation has just dropped through the letter box containing, as usual, lots of interesting-looking articles... well, enough to delight the heart of this young man anyway...

Beverly Roberts Gaventa

Reading for the Subject: The Paradox of Power in Romans 14:1-15:6

Michael J. Gorman

Romans: The First Christian Treatise on Theosis

Richard B. Hays

Spirit, Church, Resurrection: The Third Article of the Creed as Hermeneutical Lens for Reading Romans

Keith A. Quan

The Inscripturated Word: The Fourth Gospel as the Continuing Speech of the Incarnate Word

C. Kavin Rowe

God, Greek Philosophy, and the Bible: A Response to Matthew Levering

Benjamin J. Ribbens

Typology of Types: Typology in Dialogue

Colin M. Toffelmire

Scripture as Semiotic System: Theological Interpretation and the Multiple Senses of Scripture

John J. O’Keefe

Review Article: The New Irenaeus

L. Daniel Hawk

Review Article: Christianizing Joshua: Making Sense of the Bible’s Book of Conquest

Raymond C. Van Leeuwen

Review Article: Toward a Biblical Account of Sin?

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