Friday 3 December 2010

Trevor Cooling on Doing God in Education

The latest newsletter from Theos, the Public Theology think tank, links to a new report entitled Doing God in Education, by Professor Trevor Cooling, the Director of the National Institute for Christian Education Research at Canterbury Christ Church University.

Here’s the blurb:

‘It argues that all education – whether religious or ‘secular’ is value-based, and is shaped by the beliefs and commitments of those who lead schools. To pretend that teaching is somehow just a matter of transmitting neutral ideas is profoundly misleading. The values and beliefs of teachers cannot simply be left at the school gate.

‘The report, which has important implications for the presence and role of Christian education, argues that God belongs in school not simply because it is a ‘right’ that comes with living in a liberal society, but because the Christian contribution to education is positive and constructive, contributing powerfully to the common good.’

The report is available in full here.

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