Friday 10 December 2010

Michael Horton on The Christian Faith

Michael Scott Horton, The Christian Faith: A Systematic Theology for Pilgrims on the Way (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, forthcoming 2011), 1056pp., ISBN 9780310286042.

Zondervan make available here a short excerpt of Michael Horton’s forthcoming systematic theology which includes the contents page, as follows:

Part 1: Knowing God: The Presuppositions of Theology

1. Dissonant Dramas: Paradigms for Knowing God and the World

2. The Character of Theology: A Theoretical or a Practical Science?

3. The Source of Theology: Revelation

4. Scripture as Covenant Canon

5. The Bible and the Church: From Scripture to System

Part 2: God Who Lives

6. God: The Incommunicable Attributes

7. God: The Communicable Attributes

8. The Holy Trinity

Part 3: God Who Creates

9. The Decree: Trinity and Predestination

10. Creation: God’s Time for Us

11. Providence: God’s Care for All He Has Made

12. Being Human

13. The Fall of Humanity

Part 4: God Who Rescues

14. The Person of Christ

15. The State of Humiliation: Christ’s Threefold Office

16. The State of Exaltation: The Servant Who Is Lord

Part 5: God Who Reigns in Grace

17. Called to be Saints: Christ’s Presence in the Spirit

18. Union with Christ

19. Forensic Aspects of Union with Christ: Justification and Adoption

20. The Way Forward in Grace: Sanctification and Perseverance

21. The Hope of Glory: ‘Those Whom He Justified He Also Glorified’ (Ro 8:30)

22. The Kingdom of Grace and the New Covenant Church

23. Word and Sacrament: The Means of Grace

24. Baptism and the Lord’s Supper

25. The Attributes of the Church: Unity, Catholicity, and Holiness

26. Apostolicity: A Fellowship of Receivers and Deliverers

Part 6: God Who Reigns in Glory

27. A Dwelling Place

28. The Return of Christ and the Last Judgment

29. The Last Battle and Life Everlasting

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