Friday 26 March 2010

Michael Schluter on Capitalism (Again)

Michael Schluter, ‘Beyond Capitalism: Towards a Relational Economy’, Cambridge Papers 19, 1 (2010).

Having posted (here) on an earlier paper by Michael Schluter on capitalism, I thought I should mention that a follow-up paper – where he sets out an alternative – is now available.

Here is the summary:

‘Western societies face economic decline and political instability due in significant part to the five moral flaws of Capitalism and their severe social consequences. A radical new economic vision is urgently needed. This paper proposes a way forward through five strategies: embed relational values, strengthen household balance sheets, empower extended families, engage capital providers and entrust welfare to local communities. These changes are mutually reinforcing because they all reform economic life so as to strengthen personal bonds in the local and wider communities. They point towards the Christian vision of a “Relational economy”.’

The whole paper is available here.

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john lee said...

Very interesting paper, forwarded to friends already.