Tuesday 10 March 2009

Princeton Theological Review on Theological Exegesis

The whole fascicle of Princeton Theological Review 14, 1 (2008), downloadable as a 4.55 MB pdf file, is devoted to theological exegesis, with some excellent articles for those interested in the topic:

Daniel Treier
In the End, God: The Proper Focus of Theological Exegesis

Murray Rae
On Reading Scripture Theologically

Angus Paddison
Theological Exegesis and John Howard Yoder

J. Scott Jackson
Jesus Christ as Humble Lord: Karl Barth and N.T. Wright on the Philippians ‘Christ Hymn’

Dennis T. Olson
Seeking ‘the Inexpressible Texture of Thy Word’: A Practical Guide to Brevard Childs’ Canonical Approach to Theological Exegesis

Richard Schultz
Brevard S. Childs’ Contribution to Old Testament Interpretation: An Evangelical Appreciation and Assessment

Philip Sumpter
Brevard Childs as Critical and Faithful Exegete

Later Childs
Daniel Driver

Other helpful themed past issues of the journal are available here.

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