Wednesday 7 September 2011

Pro Rege 39, 4 (June 2011)

Pro Rege, the quarterly faculty publication of Dordt College, Sioux Center, Iowa, often carries some interesting articles. The latest issue (available here as a pdf) includes the following contributions, including reviews of a few significant books. The essay by James Smith has already been available online, but it’s nice to have it in this more ‘published’ format.

David S. Dockery

Global Awareness and Engagement: New Opportunities for Christian Higher Education

Keith C. Sewell

Our Multiple Calvinisms: Historical Trajectories, Contemporary Predicaments, and Contestable Future

James K.A. Smith

Worldview, Sphere Sovereignty, and Desiring the Kingdom: A Guide for (Perplexed) Reformed Folk

Thomas R. Wolthuis

A Reformed Hermeneutic: An Outline

Carl Zylstra

Serious Education for Serious Christians

Book Reviews

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