Sunday 25 September 2011

Lausanne World Pulse (September 2011)

The themed articles in September 2011’s Lausanne World Pulse are devoted to ‘women on the cutting edge of missions’.

Leanne Dzubinski

Women on the Cutting Edge: Yesterday and Today

Only a handful of women appear on the pages of mission history and theory books. Yet that does not mean they are not integrally engaged in the worldwide cause of the kingdom. They have been since the early Church and continue to be. Dzubinski tells the stories of women such as Maria Brown and Mary Porter, who impacted their world greatly.

Loun-Ling Tan

Asian Women on the Cutting Edge of Mission: Past and Present

Traditionally, the role of Asian women was in the home. However, in church and Christian mission, many Asian women may have been overlooked for their significant impact on the churches and societies in their contexts and of their times. She discusses both historical and contemporary examples of such women.

Heidi Scheunemann

Developing Self-confidence, Life Skills, and Faith through Football Ministry in West Papua

The story of how sports, in particular football, have changed the lives of many girls in the West Papuan context.

Ute Paul

Simple Acts of Faith: My Little World in Argentina

Daily life is holy, the author writes. It is full of God. When you share it with others, you enter holy ground. That is where faithfulness, care, struggle, joy, and hope occur. Through story, the author shares how relationships are often developed in informal, creative ways.

The Executive Summary is available here, and the full version here.

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