Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Moore College on Emotions in Christian Life and Ministry

The recent Moore College School of Theology was devoted to the topic of ‘True Feelings: Emotions in Christian Life and Ministry’. The audio files are online here, and include an interesting mix of biblical, theological, historical, and practical sessions.

1. The Affections of Christ

Richard Gibson

2. What is at Stake? A Cultural Overview of the Emotions

Andrew Cameron

3. The Puritans, Theological Anthropology and Emotions

Keith Condie

4. Does God Have Feelings?

Gerald Bray

5. Whose Tears? Jesus and his Emotional Life

Richard Gibson

6. Panel Discussion


7. He Rejoiced in the Spirit: The Spirit’s Perfecting Work on the Emotions

David Hohne

8. On Being Moved: A Theological Anthropology of the Emotions

Michael Jensen

9. From Sad to Mad to Glad: The Pilgrim’s Passions

Rhys Bezzant

10. Together, with Feeling: Corporate Worship and the Emotions

David Peterson

11. Preaching, the Gospels and Emotions

Peter Bolt

12. Music, Singing and the Emotions

Rob Smith

13. Plenary Q&A with Speakers, chaired by Michael Jensen

Michael Jensen

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